Watch the Video for Lil Mama’s Meme-inspired New Song ‘Sausage’


First We Feast broke down the #SausageMovement meme that inspired Lil Mama‘s new single Sausage, a sexually charged, breakfast-centric chant — Tell that b**** come here, lick my SAUSAGE!/
Pull up in IHOP ordering SAUSAGE!/Need a pancake with your motherf*****’ SAUSAGE!
—  that may have begun as a classroom freestyle at Florida’s Miami Northwestern Senior High School.

Per Noisey:

For some reason, shit loads of kids across America are uploading videos of themselves performing a short call and response rap about sausages, usually in their classroom, lunch hall, library or any other public space where shouting “gimme that s*** I need some SAUSAGE” would be deemed inappropriate.

This far-reaching trend lives mostly on the #sausagemovement hashtag, and sausage addicts across the whole of America have been spitting bars about their beloved pork cylinders, filming the evidence and posting it online at a pretty impressive rate. There is much dispute within the #sausagemovement as to how it all started, but all roads lead back to two origin videos.

One is a young kid dropping meat bombs in the middle of class during a particularly quiet moment in the lesson, and it’s the rhythm and formula from this version that has gone on to be used on all copycat versions. And the second video kicks off amongst a bunch of US army lads who nail their rap in the form of a military cadence, led by their bucket hat-wearing MC sergeant, who sounds a lot like the local butcher talking to your mom with Lil Jon acapellas.

And if you’ve ever seen Lil Mama crash the stage during Jay-Z and Alicia KeysVMAs performance, you know this isn’t the first time she’s jumped on someone else’s…



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