WATCH: There’s A Documentary about General Tso’s Chicken Coming Out

Who is General Tso? Why is his chicken so famous in America? And why the heck has no one in China ever heard of it? These questions will be answered in the upcoming documentary The Search for General Tso, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last week and was directed by Ian Cheney, the man behind the famous documentary King Corn.

While on it surface it seems like a culinary whodunit — hah, look at these middle Americans eating their silly chicken, or something — Variety says it’s a surprising exploration of the Chinese-American experience. “The quixotic ‘search’ of the movie’s title seems secondary,” they note in their review, “to that more arduous quest of so many Chinese-Americans to find their place in a country that did not always welcome them with open arms, and how food forged the path of least resistance.”

Watch below:

[Variety h/t Food Republic]

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