WATCH: This Sushi Chef Changed The Lighting in His Restaurant so Customers Can Take Better Pictures

In the most recent episode of Vice Munchies’ The Sushi Chef, Los Angeles-based Satoshi Kiyokawa takes us into his eponymous restaurant Kiyokawa in Beverly Hills. Kiyokawa- both the restaurant and the man himself- is incredibly unique. Of his work, he says, “I had to open my own restaurant because the dishes that I wanted to do didn’t belong in any category.”

He usually serves a Kaiseki, or multi-course menu which includes different types of fish and occasionally rice dishes. He carefully selects his purveyors, and has even invented his own techniques for how he prepares and serves his fish. These can include serving his fish in ice chests, which he makes himself, and putting a glass filled with hot smoke on top of a piece of salmon, so your food is literally being made right in front of you.

Kiyokawa is also a master of presentation. Diners love to take photos of the food he serves, and instead of becoming aggravated, he considers it a compliment. He even changed the lighting in his restaurant to allow for better photos. Somehow, coming from him, that sounds like a classy move.

Watch the entire episode:



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