WATCH: TIME Magazine Makes Chang, Atala, And Redzepi Wear Toques in The Woods

In a photoshoot that captures the zeitgeist of the modern culinary world, TIME Magazine brought world-class chefs and best friends David Chang, Rene Redzepi, and Alex Atala into the woods to capture them in their natural element (hunter-gather-foraging), and to put them in silly toques, which everyone knows they never wear. Especially in the woods! (Look at how silly they appear, though — is Atala only wearing a fur vest? Rawr.)

But that’s the point of the entire shoot, photographer Martin Schoeller told TIME:

“They are good friends, they know each other well and hang out and it wasn’t very farfetched from what they normally do. They’ve been hunting together; they’ve been fishing together. I basically re-created a scene they’ve done in the past and just added the hats. “

And the dudes loved it, especially since it was totally not the fancy-knives-hot-stoves-dead-animals type of shoot. As Redzepi noted, “Typically, when people take photos at the restaurant, it’s like a quick thing between lunch and dinner service.”

And normal chef photos probably don’t have a shirtless Atala draped in fur. This should be a new trend. But only with Alex Atala.

The accompanying article can be found in the latest issue of TIME Magazine.

[TIME Magazine via Madfeed]

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