WATCH: Tom Colicchio Fights Hunger, Makes Movies, And Turns Emeril Into A ‘Breakout Star’

In a HuffPost Live interview today, Tom Colicchio and his wife, filmmaker Lori Silverbush,  sat down with Josh Zepps to discuss their new movie A Place At The Table. But while the message of the film was hardly lost in the interview — in fact, Zepps also interviewed a young mother living on food stamps during the segment — he couldn’t help but try priming Colicchio for some Top Chef spoilers.

Unfortunately for Zepps, he received no spoilers (likely due to a NDA worth many millions of dollars), but he did learn Colicchio’s pick for breakout star of Season 10…Emeril Lagasse? “I think everyone has a very different opinion of Emeril through his shows,” he laughed. “But on the last two seasons of  Top Chef, you’re seeing a very different side of him. Very measured, very thoughtful.”

Check out the video below to see a very different side of Tom.

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