WATCH: Tom Colicchio Owns Immigration on Bill Maher

There’s nothing better than Tom Colicchio on Bill Maher. While he sits in his hipster glasses and laughs at Bill Maher’s John Boehner and cat debate jokes, we really do appreciate his contributions to the great immigration debate.

First, he schooled everyone on Reagan.

And then cracked jokes with Maher about “brown people” (Maher’s words, not Colicchio’s) in the voter base. And then Colicchio helped talk about President Obama’s immigration efforts, the Made in Rural Program, and then awkwardly tried to land a joke about Michelle Obama being a queen. It’s OK, Colicchio — stick to your day job of ruining Top Chef dreams and advocating for rural America and food policy.

And then we feel guilty when he retweets things like this — so well played, Colicchio.

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