WATCH: Tom Colicchio Weighs In on Walmart ‘Organics’ on MSNBC

SNAP benefits have been cut. College students don’t qualify for SNAP unless they work 20 hours a week. SNAP benefits can’t be put towards prepared meals, so even if college students were super heroes with part-time jobs, all they’d be able to buy is a bunch of produce to chop on their desks and cook on their hot plates?

Everything is terrible, but Tom Colicchio is here to talk it out with you. He joined Jansing & Company on MSNBC this morning to talk about the increasing need for college campuses to open food banks and Walmart’s new push towards carrying organic products.

(Fun fact: Walmart’s “organic” labels will be in the prepared food section, not produce. They don’t have the supply chain to support carrying organic produce at superstore-level volume. Obviously.)

Check out Colicchio’s appearance below.

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