WATCH: Padma Lakshmi Personally Chooses Top Chef-testants For New Bravo Webseries

In their ongoing Digital Strategy Takeover Of The Internet, Bravo’s released yet another Top Chef-related webseries competition thing, whose winner will have some sort of impact on the cooking competition series. But this time, instead of reviving old cheftestants or bringing in sous chefs, Padma Lakshmi gets to decide who will get to attempt to Turn Their Culinary Dreams Into Reality.

Padma’s Picks, announced today in the LA Times, is a documentary series where Padma stalks the street of New Orleans, stealing up-and-coming chefs from famous kitchens (Delmoncino’s, Commander’s Palace, and Guy’s Po Boys make appearances) and bringing them to the Top Chef kitchens to compete against each other. The prize: an automatic “in” to the competition. (Also, a chance to tool around in that gorgeous, royal purple kitchen, which we think is the most visually-appealing, city-appropriate kitchen ever showcased on Top Chef. So many fleur-de-lis patterns everywhere!)

[LA Times]

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