WATCH: On SNL, ‘Padma Leash Me’ Judges Top Dog Chef

It finally happened, guys: after ten freaking seasons, Top Chef got sent up by Saturday Night Live using dogs and puns. And the results in Top Dog Chef  has so many familiar moments to Top Chef fans, like “Padma Leash Me’s” sexy monotone, “Mario Bark-tali’s” be-Croc’d paws, and the usage of roulades of dog vomit. (Also a bonus: the beautiful, completely perfect host Jennifer Lawrence proudly talking about urinating on food, because hey, she’s a dog.)

Check it out below! (And as a side note, we came up with “Tom Collie-chio” months ago. He’s part of our Braiser Zoo of Dream Pets, along with Marcus Clam-uelsson and Eric Flippert the Dolphin.)

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