WATCH: Traci Des Jardins Denounces Leftovers, Overfishing

In a wide-ranging interview that still manages to be packed into four minutes, Mother Jones caught Traci des Jardins¬†at a TED talk and peppered her with questions about everything and anything — including the most holiday-relevant question of what to do with big dinner leftovers.

“I hate leftovers, personally,” she explained. “So I think trying to figure out sort of a plan for those leftovers to make them not just a reheated thing you had the night before… Thinking about that kind of thing and being about to take food and turn it into the next meal, take what you’ve eaten one night and turn it into the next meal, without it being exactly the same. You know, a roasted chicken one night and then I’ll take the chicken and turn it into a beautiful chicken salad the next day.”

More importantly (and more relevant to her career), des Jardins discusses the future of protein, and the necessity of eating smaller, sustainable fish: “We’re eating all the fish in the ocean. I mean we’re destroying our natural supply of fish. We’re just going to eat them all. They’re just going to be gone. And then we’re going to be left with something else. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like eating farmed fish.”

[Mother Jones]

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