WATCH: Travel Channel Inexplicably Blurs Out Guinness Logo On Bourdain’s The Layover

After a twenty-hour bender in Dublin on last night’s episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Travel Channel show The Layover, Bourdain was about to settle down to an appropriately Dubliner hangover cure of raw oysters and Guinness, when — wait, what was the beer again? The famous dry Irish stout that’s been around for a century, with an iconic glass and a distinctive color? Guinness? It appears that we shall never know, because the Travel Channel blurred out the logo with the name of this mystery beer, even as Bourdain kept dropping the G-word over and over again. Here, watch this video and tell us if you have any idea what this beer is. We only have a vague idea.

We can hardly claim surprise at this advertising stratagem: the Travel Channel has often prescient and thoughtful with its product placement in the past (see: Cadillacgate), and just like last time, Bourdain was quite pleased with the outcome of this seamless product exclusion:

If we only remembered exactly what that beer was, we’d applaud the Travel Channel for making us forget that Anthony Bourdain praised it on TV. Gibbels? Glorbless? Gungan? Whatever it is, we’re sure that people wouldn’t like it.

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