WATCH: We Only Want to Drink Bloody Marys with Rene Redzepi Now

Let’s face it — the holidays are almost here, we’re already exhausted just thinking about it, and the only thing we want to do is kick back with a Bloody Mary and laugh a little. Rene Redzepi is just our man for all of that.

What makes this little diddy from Tasting Table so great is 1) Jim Meehan’s presence in the background (who has the best gut-busting laugh ever); 2) Redzepi reading from his book, A Work in Progress, about a kid sticking his finger up his ass “only to taste it moments later”; and 3) all the bagels we could ever dream of from Russ & Daughters. This is how everyone’s holidays should start.

Breakfast with René Redzepi from Tasting Table on Vimeo.

[Tasting Table]

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