WATCH: Why Is Anthony Bourdain At A Fake KFC In Libya?

Yeah, we were shocked when we saw the below footage, too, considering Anthony Bourdain’s hatred of “The Colonel, the Clown, and the King”, as he derisively calls the fast food trifecta. But the only reason that Bourdain eats at “Uncle Kentaki”, a fried-chicken joint that boasts an eerily similar menu to KFC, is because the newly freed Libyans go nuts over the taste of American fast food — we’ve covered the existence of Cinnabon and Sriracha in the land formerly ruled by Muammar Gaddafi — that they’ll settle for making their own knockoffs of KFC fried chicken, while the corporate overlords wait for the situation to de-escalate. (Or they could take a page from some intrepid Gaza residents and smuggle KFC in from Egypt, though it might take a few days.)

So, uh, how was eating an imitation of KFC? “It wasn’t bad,” Bourdain told Around The World this morning on CNN. “That kid who you see, a militia member, at one point looks in the camera and says, ‘This is the taste of freedom.’ Which is both dismaying and heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.”

Check out Anthony Bourdain reconciling his hatred of American capitalism with the enthusiasm of the newly freed rebels below!

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