WATCH: Wylie Dufresne Talks Rent, Eggs Benedict

The Bloomberg news segment is supposed to cover exactly how ghastly rents are pushing out the top restaurants — and top talent — in New York City. Instead, Wylie Dufresne looks on uncomfortably as everyone else calls him a “star.” What a class act.

Dufresne joins the former NBC Universal Chairman and CEO Bob Wright to talk about the changing Lower East Side and its rotating landlords and f*ck ups that have forced Dufresne to close wd~50 next month. “There’s gotta be a that landlord that would love to have him, because he will attract a lot of attention, he will attract people coming to that neighborhood, eat there .. There’s gotta be someone smart enough to say ‘I’ve gotta have a rate in here that he can afford'” said Wright. Truer words couldn’t have been spoken. Who else can get this guy a building?!

Once again, he teased something new, saying he was happy to check out new neighborhoods, and new ideas. Dufresne said he owes “a huge debt of gratitude to the Lower East Side,” but “would be happy to explore other opportunities.”

And Dufresne clearly bristles at calling his food anything but “modern American” or “contemporary American” — what even is “deconstructed” anything, anymore?

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“Wylie Dufresne to Write Cookbook, To Ease the Pain After WD~50 Closes
Wylie Dufresne to Shutter WD~50 This November

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