WATCH: Yo La Tengo’s New Music Video Teaches You How To Cook Tortilla Soup

In making their first music video since 1997, Yo La Tengo got the attention of the recipe junkies at Bon Appetit with their uniquely metaphorical video for their new song “I’ll Be Around.” See, while the indie band putters around a woodland cottage, playing guitars in the woods and superimposing verses from other songs/poems/stream of conscious nightmares, they’re also teaching the viewer how to make chicken tortilla soup and a Spanish tortilla. (They even have the recipe written out for the literary types!)

According to Yo La Tengo’s founder Ira Kaplan, there is meaning to all this:

I think the first thought was that we liked the idea of information–there’s lyrics, there’s lyrics that aren’t part of the song, and there’s the recipe onscreen. I think it’s at a point where the text provides information, but it also obfuscates as well. I don’t think anyone knew until they saw it if it was going to work, but conceptually, it had the capacity of touching on a couple of bases that would otherwise be hard to show visually.


[Bon Appetit]

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