WATCH: Finally, An App That Lets You Translate Those Chinese Characters On A Menu

There’s a lot that’s useful about Waygo, a new iOS app that allows instantaneous translation of Chinese characters into English (and not Engrish) phrases. It’s especially useful while traveling throughout China, eating in Chinese restaurants, or dealing with annoying acupuncturists. In fact, Techcrunch has a very thorough review of how useful this can be.

But the best part about Waygo is its video ad, in which it demonstrates how this app can help its users look Culturally Aware and In The Know, while preventing them from being inflicted with LameWhitePerson-itis. (They’re so lame!) We mean, everyone in this video essentially gets the same pile of noodles — only the lame people can’t handle the Realness of their Chinese food, because they just didn’t know how Cultural China can be. (There’s so many layers of weird racism in this video.)

[TechCrunch via The Daily Meal]

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