Wylie Dufresne to Shutter WD~50 This November

New York now has its own elBulli story. Wylie Dufresne announced via Twitter last night that he’d be closing his first restaurant, paragon of American molecular gastronomy WD~50, this November.

He later told the New York Times that a developer has planned a new building on the site, and while he contemplated keeping the restaurant open during construction, he ultimately decided it wouldn’t be fair to diners to serve them the WD~50 experience in a dust-filled demolition site.

“That’s the story of New York,” he told the Times. “Neighborhoods change. In some ways it’s part of the beauty of New York City. It’s in a constant state of flux.”

Excuse us. While Wylie’s falling on his sword in the most graceful way imaginable, we’ll be crying all the tears, and bitterly. Is it too late to demand a trial by combat?

[New York Times]

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