We Can Scorn Guy Fieri’s Outdoor Kitchen, But We Can’t Skewer His Remarks on Sister, Life


We figured there’d be a lot to make fun of in this Parade cover story of Guy Fieri, but really, we can only scorn the very ridiculous outdoor kitchen setup he has. (Because really, what hasn’t been said before about Guy Fieri?)

The story covers everything from his health to his tats, grilling tips to getting grilled by the critics. We didn’t expect anything really groundbreaking from Fieri or the story, but we’re clearly going soft because we really empathized with his comments on his sister who passed away in 2011. My God, what’s happened to us?

You lost your sister three years ago. How has that changed you?
I’ve had quite a few bangs and bruises in my day, so I always knew that we weren’t invincible. But my sister was a vegan most of her life, didn’t really drink, didn’t do drugs, was a massage therapist, did African dance; you couldn’t be much more grounded. She had cancer when she was 4, survived, lived cancer-free, and was just a gorgeous redhead, a symbol of life. That she could get melanoma and die within a year—I’ve always been aware of the tenderness of existence, but it reminded me to live for today. It was almost the difference between watching a movie in black and white and then watching it in IMAX.

Eeeeeee we have feelings eeeeee. Quick, go back to laughing at his massive outdoor kitchen and tripped out Hummer in the driveway!


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