Tonight In Food TV: Robert Irvine’s Wedding Impossible Special

Have you always wished your weekend wedding show marathon involved just a little bit more Food Network? As much as we love twelve straight hours of Bridezillas on a Sunday, we really can’t wait to see a wedding go down in Food Network Celeb fashion. Robert Irvine is getting married, y’all! Well, he’s already married, to professional wrestler Gail Kim. The nuptials occurred in May, but Robert filmed the whole event for a wedding-inspired special episode of his series, titled Wedding Impossible.

The Restaurant Impossible host channeled all of his control freak tendencies into planning the elements of the wedding himself, and told Gail simply to show up looking beautiful. Of course, had she been involved, perhaps Guy Fieri wouldn’t have been quite so much. But no matter! It’s a party! A party catered by all of Robert Irvine’s best chef friends.

Check out the sneak peek below and tune into Wedding Impossible on Food Network tonight at 10pm.

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