WATCH: Richard Blais Expects Us To Spherify Horseradish While Drunk In New Burger Lab

On this week’s Burger Lab, Richard Blais asserts that his British-inspired Welsh Rarebit Burger is both the world’s best hangover food, and a late-night go-to. We’re inclined to agree, since the savory bomb includes mustard powder, anchovy salt, Guinness, cheddar, dehydrated Worcestershire, hot sauce, dijon mustard, caramelized onion, picked walnut, and (because of course) spherified horseradish. Now, Blais demonstrates a super straightforward spherifying technique, and we’re pretty confident that on a Saturday afternoon when we have nothing better to do than fuss with horseradish blobs, we could pull them off.

But if we attempted this while drunk or hungover, we would 100% end up on the front page of Pinterest Fails.

Check out this week’s Burger Lab below, and start lobbying Tasted now to get Spike Mendelsohn to make this on season two of We’re Drunk, Let’s Eat.

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