WATCH: Wendell Pierce Takes Tom Colicchio Fishing On The Bayou

Tom Colicchio is recording his story for scientists in the future. In a million years, when kids go to school, they gonna know: once there was a Hushpuppy, and she lived with her Daddy in the Bathtub.

…Yes, Tom Colichhio is Hushpuppy in this scenario, but we don’t even care, because daddy is one Wendell “Antoine Batiste” Pierce (slash whoever the hell he played on The Wire, which we don’t really care about, because Treme), and he’s taking Colicchio fishing on the bayou in the next episode of Hooked Up.

The sneak peek (as usual) leaves much to be desired, but we could listen to Wendell Pierce talk all day, and this might be the best episode, conceptually, that Reserve Channel has come up with yet.

Check it out.

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