WATCH: Calling All The Wire Nerds, Check Out Wendell Pierce On Hooked Up

As die-hard Treme fans, we were hoping to gain multitudes of inside scoop on the show when Wendell Pierce, who plays everyone’s favorite contrary motherfucker Antoine Batiste on the series, joined Tom Colicchio for an episode of Hooked Up. While the pair never actually shot any scenes together (or met in real life prior to their fishing date), they are Treme cast mates.

Alas, Pierce’s other David Simon gig, The Wire, got all the love. Which, not that we’re complaining, but we still have Homeland to catch up on before we go back and binge-watch five seasons of The Best Show Television Ever Spit Out.

When asked to choose between The Sopranos or The Wire, Wendell intoned in his buttery bass:

The Wire. Period. Done. Easiest thing ever. The Wire. The Sopranos I loved. The Wire? We changed television.”

Excuse us while we go recover from the world’s most acute case of goosebumps.

You can check out Wendell and Colicchio fishing on the Louisiana bayou below.

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