WATCH: Spike Mendelsohn Goes To A Gay Sports Bar

On the latest episode of Spike Mendelsohn’s Tasted YouTube series We’re Drunk, Let’s Eat, he generously allows some Georgetown grad students to show him around the bars in his own hometown… yeah, right. He totally ganks control at the last minute and drags them to all his favorite spots.

On the bright side, one of the Georgetown kids happens to be a gay sports fan who takes Spike to a gay sports bar which — quelle surprise — Spike is shocked that he’s never been to. Although, his picture is hanging on the wall on the cover of a magazine. Pretty boy problems.

Predictably offensive moments include Spike being offended that he doesn’t get hit on (“What’s wrong with me?”) and a dig at his new friend’s “perfectly manicured fingertips.”

Once they move back to Spike’s comfort zone, he runs into a friend who hilariously remarks, “You and your damned cameras,” as the crew walks in, followed by an awesome deadpan from the bartender when Spike jumps behind the bar to make his own drink — with flare.

From there, it’s on to boozy milkshakes at Satellite before heading back to Spike’s crib for lamb burgers wrapped in Playboy tear-outs and served to a slew of drunk college girls they inexplicably picked up from somewhere.

Best part? He goes into a verrry familiar sounding Maillard Reaction explanation/demo while making the lamb burgers. Where have we heard that before…?

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