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What the Drudge Report Won’t Tell You About Fruhschoppen

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Once again Barack Obama got food-shamed front and center on the Drudge Report this weekend. This time the leading conservative aggregator alluded to the President’s drinking before noon, but what the site doesn’t explain is the German tradition of Fruhschoppen, which Wikipedia defines as “an alcoholic drink before midday in company”, and a “German and Austiran tradition to meet up at a pub or inn in the late morning (usually on Sundays).” And sure enough yesterday’s beer brunch was at the invitation of German chancellor Angela Merkel, welcoming Obama to the G7 summit in the Alps.

Per the Telegraph:

“When I first heard Angela was hosting the G-7 in Bavaria, I was hoping that it would fall during Oktoberfest, but then again there’s never a bad day for a beer and a weisswurst,” he said.

He later joked that they should “hold the G7 talks over a glass of beer.”

The paper got deeper into the local Bavarian tradition as well, explaining the fresh, local white sausages need be consumed before the local church bells ring at noon, partly due to their lack of preservatives. Not that Obama needed eat anything to cut the beer’s kick. A local farmed later informed him it was non-alcoholic.

If anything Obama should be shamed for that.


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