Question Of The Year Answered: Where Is Guy Fieri’s Stolen Lamborghini?

Guy Fieri’s stolen Lamborghini saga is the stuff action movies are made of. Not only was it stolen in a James Bondian heist, but the perp’s friends tried to bust him out of juvy after he was caught, too. So, once the car was recovered from the storage unit it was safely hidden in, and processed by Gil Grissom and the CSI team, one would assume it was given back to Guy for some backwards-sunglasses cruising, right? Wrong.

The Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives host has yet to see his ride. Fieri tells Zagat:

The Lamborghini was recovered, as far as I know it is still in the police’s possession. It’s going to go back to the insurance company. When this whole thing went down back in the day, we had all anticipated that it had been shipped off to some other country in some container. Then lo and behold it pops back up. I do think if something like this is going to happen, at least it should have a great story like this did.

Obviously, this needs to be a major plot point in @DadBoner’s action movie script. We know it’s not technically a biopic or nothin’, but this is film fodder too good to pass up. The monster truck chases, babes, and explosions would be so nicely complemented by some slick 17-year-old hoodlums jacking Guy Cooler’s Lambo, no?

[Zagat h/t Eater]

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