Which Will Kill You Faster: KFC or Ebola? A Twitter Summary


It was revealed that the “best takeout in Newark” that the quarantined nurse (who returned from West Africa to New Jersey last week) received was — brace yourselves — KFC. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Finger lickin’ good ol’ time in quarantine, eh? Of course, now, the world has a very serious debate on its hands: which will kill you first, ebola or KFC?

According to the great minds of Twitter,* KFC seems to be it.

Yes, now is the time for everyone to air their grievances about diseases, fried chicken, and fat jokes against Governor Chris Christie. (And the announcement of the Double Zinger did not do much to help KFC’s fight against ebola.) The arguments:

At least one person doesn’t seem to be having any issues with it.

And neither does KFC, it seems.

Who shall win in this fight? How about no one? Got it.

*We’re not entirely sure where those great minds are on Twitter, so just some opinionated observers instead.

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