Chicago Brew Masters Sell White House Beer Kits

Are you dying to break out of the White House Honey Ale or White House Honey Porter this election season, now that President Obama has benevolently allowed Sam Kass to reveal the recipe and brewing process to millions of thirsty Americans? Did all that container transferring, however, leave you pitifully confused? Worry not! A Chicago homebrew shop called Brew Camp has released one-gallon and five-gallon recipe kits for sale, with either all-grain or extract variations. The only difference between the brew kit and Sam Kass’s recipe is that the kit contains organic honey made in Illinois instead of honey that comes from Michelle Obama’s White House bees.

Brew Camp is also offering White House Honey Ale classes in their Chicago shop for some more hands-on training, in case you’ve never brewed your own beer, but have yet to perform any impressively heroic, patriotic deeds to get a free case, a la those firefighters Obama gifted some White House Beer to on a campaign trail stop.

Franky, we’re relived. We’re 95% positive that unless it’s absolutely clearly labeled, we’d have no idea what the difference was between light malt extract, dried malt extract, crushed amber crystal malt, and Bisquit malt. Maltmaltmalt.

[Zagat h/t Daily Meal]

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