White House Agrees To Release Recipe For Honey Ale If Enough People Sign Petition

Press Secretary Jay Carney, and presumably the White House, has relented to the tidal wave of internet pressure and agreed to release the recipe for President Barack Obama’s Executive Mansion-brewed Honey Ale. There’s only one condition, however:

Sorry, Redditor who tried to submit a Freedom Of Information Act request to the White House, because the Office of the President and the Office of Administration are exempt from FOIA requests. You’re just going to have to get 20,000 of your closest internet friends and homebrewing aficionados to sign the above petition, just like the old days.

To recap: the public has known about the existence of the White House Honey Ale for some time, but never believed that the president actually drank it until the press learned that he carried a case of the beer with him on the campaign trail. But given that he prefers to heal our nation’s racial wounds with a beer on the patio, and that he shared a beer with a Medal of Honor recipient, should we be surprised?

[Obama Foodorama]

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