Tonight In Food TV: Who’s Going To The Hell’s Kitchen Finale?

It’s down to the final four chefs on Hell’s Kitchen, and tonight, Gordon Ramsay drops the bomb that only two of them will be advancing to the finale. Plus, a mystery guest will be allowed back into the kitchen, although, from what we can tell, he or she won’t be any sort of contender in the race to the finals.

In tonight’s episode, Gordon will give each of the final four chefs the chance to run the passage, and Dana seems to find a perfect opportunity to sabotage service. Gordon, of course, catches onto her scheme, but we’ll see how undone her competitors become as a result. Will her friendship with Christina come apart in the final days of competition? Will that one doofy guy who’s left actually make it all the way to the finale? Or will the women dominate for an all-female battle at the close?

Tune in to Hell’s Kitchen tonight at 9pm on Fox to find out. And check out a sneak peek below!

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