Wine for Cats: It Now Exists

Good news for cat ladies everywhere: now they, too, can experience the joy of drinking with friends.

For this, we have to thank the Japanese “pet supplement company” B&H Lifes, which announced today that it would begin selling a wine exclusively made for cats: the Nyan Nyan Nouveau. (According to Kotaku, they named it after everyone’s favorite Christmas wine because Beaujolais Nouveau is extremely popular in Japan. By that logic, if we made meth for cats, we’d make it blue.)

Except, oh dear, there’s only one problem: cat wine doesn’t actually have alcohol in it. Though it allegedly tastes like a cabernet, it only contains “juice made from Cabernet grapes, Vitamin C, [and] catnip.” Really, this is not a wine at all. It’s more of marijuana tea for cats.

Though it does raise the question: what would happen if someone put THC in Beaujolais Nouveau? Or, for that matter, if someone paired weed with wine? Could it be done? (We’ve seen people make weed cocktails before, but the delicacy and complex nature of wine plus the buzz of ganja must give us pause.)

Anyway, we went on a tangent. Cat wine. It exists. It’s $4 a bottle. If cats turn into alcoholics, they’re responsible for their own recovery.


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