Wine Personality Study: Red Wine Drinkers More Likely To Be Successful In Life


A recent study from the French Wines with Style has found that people’s wine choices say something about their personality: wine drinkers are frou-frou Europeans who like drinking fancy no-no juice. Ha, no, it’s more along the lines of wine types corresponding to personality traits, and out of the 2,000 wine drinkers surveyed, red wine drinkers are the best out there.

Red wine drinkers, according to a recap by The Telegraph, “are more likely to have a degree, be married and drink more frequently” than their counterparts who drink white wine or rosé. Furthermore, they’re highly ambitious, have visited 10 countries on average, and typically earn between £40-45,000 per year, as opposed to white wine drinkers, who only earn £25-30,000 per year and admit that they’re not very ambitious: “More than three quarters even said they are very satisfied with what they have achieved.” And a whopping 85% of white wine drinkers are happily single.

The lowest on the rung are rosé drinkers, with 55% never having gone to college. They also use words like “loud, warm and charming” to describe themselves, while white wine drinkers claim that they’re “practical, bright, shy, quiet and reserved,” and red wine drinkers define themselves as “confident, relaxed, strong and intelligent.”

This study can be interpreted one of two ways: either red wine drinkers are distinguished, intelligent, and societal winners, or they’re overambitious douchebags. Either way, prepare for this study to be cited on every OKCupid profile in the next few years.

[The Telegraph via The Huffington Post]

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