Wisconsin State Fair Gives Us The Chicken and Waffle Cone and It’s Glorious

And the heavens wept. (Move over, ramen burgers.)

Thrillist showed us the the light, and it’s wrapped up in a rosemary cornmeal waffle cone and fried to perfection. While state fair foods is generally what we’d consider to be vom-worthy, we are definitely craving this fried chicken and waffles-ice cream cone hybrid from Water Street Brewery. What’s inside, from the Wisconsin State Fair website, reads like a food porno: it’s got bleu cheese coleslaw, Cajun buttermilk fried chicken, and topped with beer-candied bacon and a beer maple syrup.

We want all of it, please.

The best part? The Redditors who discovered this magic are more interested in discussing cheese curds than the chicken-n-waffle cone. Oh Wisconsin, you’re too much.

[Thrillist, h/t Reddit]

Image via Reddit/djsumrs

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