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With “11 Photos Of John Besh Eating Hamburgers”, Bon Appetit Pulls A Buzzfeed

Image credit: Matt Duckor, Bon Appetit

Not to go all Main Stream Media Elite Insider Gossip Columnist on you, but Bon Appetit just pulled a BuzzFeed and we feel kind of giggly about its meta-ness.

While we agree with Bon Appetit’s initial premise that New Orleans chef John Besh looks rather adorable when he’s trying to eat a burger, with that perfect flop of hair swooshing, considerately, away from the delectable grilled sandwich being crammed into his mouth, eleven photos of the man doing so at the Chicago Gourmet festival is kind of…well, BuzzFeedery.

Just in case: BuzzFeed is a somewhat silly but wealthy chimaera of a website, combining lists of adorable kittens with the best stares, in-depth political journalism whose coverage of world events and the 2012 election has invariably shaped the narrative of the news cycle, and photos of Bill Clinton’s forehead.

Bon Appetit has never, to our knowledge, published a list of people eating things that were not first meticulously photographed.  (They don’t even let us know what kind of burgers he’s eating! The gall.)

The only winner in this is John Besh, who got to try a vast array of Chicago’s best hamburgers. The rest of us can simply watch as he eats, like peasants at Christmas with the meanest king ever.

That concludes our Sunday media criticism blog post.

[Bon Appetit]

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