With 47.1 Million Americans On Food Stamps, Usage Skyrockets To Highest Levels In US History

Even Mario Batali, who famously put his family on a food stamp diet to highlight potential cuts in the program, probably didn’t see this one coming: on Friday, the US Department of Agriculture released figures stating that during this past August, nearly 47.1 million Americans participated in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This cost the federal government a whopping $6.28 billion dollars.

Obama Foodorama points out that these numbers have been rising since Barack Obama first took office: back in January of 2009, only 31.9 million people received food stamps; between July and August (the most recent month with data), 420,863 Americans enrolled in SNAP.

While the obvious blame can be pinned factos like the stagnant economy and the high unemployment rate, many of these new enrollees are college students facing ballooning tuition rates.

Mario Batali, in the meantime, has begun thinking of ways to cook his Crocs to highlight this issue.

[Obama Foodorama]



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