Everyone Calm Down, Wolfgang Puck Isn’t Closing Spago Forever

When people heard that beloved Austro-Californian pizza godfather Wolfgang Puck would “close Spago“, they freaked out mightily, their shrieks drowning out the next part of the sentence: “…for renovations and will reopen this fall.”

Spago of Beverly Hills, the Michelin-starred restaurant which established Puck as a superstar in the culinary world, will be overhauling its menu and remodeling the dining room, according to a press release from yesterday. “I’ve always believed that change is good,” he says, “and it’s important to us to re-invest in our restaurants to keep them fresh and current.” However, that means that his old classics will be gone… FOREVER.

Spago closes its doors temporarily on July 9th, so this is your last chance, if you’re a movie star/entertainment executive/Ari Gold in Hollywood, to try such Puckster classics like the smoked salmon pizza and the wienerschnitzel. (After Wolfgang’s TV demo yesterday, though, you may think his wienerschnitzel needs an overhaul and some Kleenex.)

[h/t Zagat]

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