Wolfgang Puck + Gene Simmons = ROCKTOBERFEST (Seriously)

Is this not the greatest, most logical, most sensible equation ever?! We mean, seriously. let’s go step-by-step through a mathematical proof, as published by The Daily Meal:

Take Wolfgang Puck and his deep-rooted love for the Bavaria of his childhood. (Remember all those wienerschnitzels?)

Unite him with Gene Simmons, a legendary man who declared to a nation that he would rock and roll all night (and party every day), and is also a partner in California chain Rock & Brews.

Give them Das Boots. Everybody chugs pilsners.

Come to the realization that not only is “Rocktoberfest” the most radically awesome portmanteau out there, but that both of your efforts combined could pull off an autumn festival that is equally part Rock and part Toberfest.

Chug Hefeweizens.

Host Rocktoberfest in L.A. Live for a full week, with Puck providing a huge variety of bratwursts and schnitzels and Simmons providing the jamz.

Chug Doppelbocks.

Prepare for flood of thirsty Germans from Munich who no longer have beer crates or bottles. Bar them from the gates of Rock.

Hire polka band to cover KISS and Pink Floyd songs. (We made this part up.)

Therefore, all must bow down to the mega-gods Puck and Simmons, for they bestow upon you the greatest combination of rock music and German cuisine.

This may not be the Grand Unified Theory Of Food and Rock and Roll, but it’s close enough.

[The Daily Meal]


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