Wolfgang Puck is Opening His First NYC Restaurant

wolfgang puckIf you didn’t know any better, you’d probably assume that Wolfgang Puck, one of the most famous celebrity chefs, already had a restaurant in New York City. It’s the dining capital of the world, and it seems like everyone has a place here- even Guy Fieri. But, so far there are no Puck places in NYC, though as Bloomberg points out, you could count the Wolfgang Puck Express counter in JFK Airport as his first. We’re for sure not counting it.

That’s about to change. In September, he’s opening the sixth location of his steakhouse, CUT, in the Four Seasons Hotel. And while New York City can be daunting- Gordon Ramsay closed his place in 2014- he’s not afraid. He says Los Angeles is a much more difficult market. “L.A. is much tougher,” he told Bloomberg. “People have huge houses with big kitchens, they have private chefs, they don’t have to go out: They entertain at home.”

He says he wanted to stay an L.A. guy and that he “didn’t want to give New York more to talk about.” But he’s giving in anyway. He also said that if he can find the right space, it’s possible he’ll bring Spago, the restaurant that made him famous, to the city. Here’s hoping.

[H/T Bloomberg]



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