Wolfgang Puck And Craig Ferguson: ‘Who’s The Whopper Now, B*tch?’

Craig Ferguson cooking segments are quickly becoming our favorite. Last night, Wolfgang Puck stopped by to make seasonal holiday latkes with smoked salmon, but there was so much food fighting to distract him that he didn’t actually reveal what he was making until the end of the seven-minute segment.

They also pitched a new Austrian boyband with — watch out, One DirectionArnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold was not present for this meeting), bonded over how much they’d like to make out with Bradley Cooper, and stared blankly at the producer urging them to wrap up the segment asking, “Why?”

We can’t even begin to explain how “Who’s the Whopper now, bitch” came up, but it involves holding burgers next to Craig Ferguson’s junk. Check out the clip below.

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