WATCH: Wolfgang Puck Judges Fake Top Chef with Human Meat on Tonight’s CSI

Celebrity chefs are finally getting the ripped from the headlines crime show credit they deserve. (See: The Paula Deen + Trayvon Martin racism clusterschtupp of 2013, dramatized on Law & Order: SVU.)

Tonight, a Top Chef-esque fictional TV series called ELITE CHEF becomes the focus of a CSI episode entitled “Last Supper,” in which a guess-the-protein challenge that was supposed to serve chef-testants kangaroo meat instead offered (DONK DO– oh sorry, wrong show): HUMAN FLESH.

Wolfgang Puck cameos as the highly-polished, expensively suited judge of the competition, natch. We can’t possibly describe this storyline as well as the clip below will set it up for you. Just watch it. And obviously check back tomorrow for a full recap, which will definitely, definitely be happening.

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