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WATCH: Wolfgang Puck’s Greatest Celeb Chef Skill Is Flirting Like A Dirty Old Man

You might think Fabio Viviani is the most charming foreign celebrity chef you know. You might think it’s Eric Ripert. You might even think it’s Marcus Samuelsson.

But you’d be wrong across the board. The most charming foreign celebrity chef is, in fact, OG Wolfgang Puck, as evidenced by his expert dirty old man flirting on the set of The Talk today. His deftness in the discipline landed across multiple demographics — from British grandmotherly-type Sharon Osbourne, to hip young Asian mom-on-the-go Julie Chen. Yes, we wish as badly as you do that Sara Gilbert had been on hand, just to see how Wolfgang would have fared in the lesbian flirting game, but we’re sure he’d have knocked that one out of the park, too.

He gently mocked Sharon for not being able to figure out the automatic salt mill, and warned her about the dangers of whisking over-excitedly.

“Oh, behave!” she cooed.

And just like that, real life became an Austin Powers movie.

“Some like it hot. Julie is smoking!” he quipped when Julie Chen started burning stuff. “Julie, is it hot?”

And as if he needed to push the envelope, he began seducing Chen with ginger and star anise, while Sharon got confused and started smoking a cinnamon stick. It’s pretty clear where producers lost control of the segment.

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