Woman Sues Shake Shack Because Their Chairs Could Not Prevent Dog From Running Into Her

An Upper East Side outpost of notorious perfectionist Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack, the linchpin to his Union Square Hospitality Group, has permanently injured a woman, both physically and emotionally, to the point where poor Cindy Cirlin may never recover. She filed a lawsuit against the company in the Manhattan Supreme Court recently, in the hope that somehow, somewhere, justice might be done.

Shake Shack’s crime: the chairs at their Uptown restaurant are too flimsy, allowing a dog to unmoor himself from one… and knock her over.

Thus, Shake Shack, the faceless, uncaring corporate bastard (which is still extremely dog-friendly to the point of selling dog biscuits), “was negligent in its failure to protect [Cirlin] from the anticipated dangers of allowing dogs to be attached by leashes to its flimsy and unanchored chairs,” Cirlin charges in court papers, according to the New York Post. She is now suing Shake Shack for $2 million.

Let us solemnly examine Danny Meyer’s credo for customer service, as distilled in this interview with New York Magazine: “Service is delivering on your promise. Hospitality is making people feel good while you’re delivering on that promise.” And yet, Mr. Meyer failed — failed to prevent thoughtless dogs from running into people, failed to anticipate that Ms. Cirlin may thus be injured, failed to even materialize a pool of foam blocks to catch Ms. Cirlin as she tragically fell. Basic customer service needs, and Mr. Meyer couldn’t even anticipate them.

[NYP via The Huffington Post]

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