Are We Right, Ladies? The 9 Womanliest Restaurants In America

Recently, Men’s Health ran a contest to find the nine most manly restaurants in America, seeking the most testosterone-y joints in categories such as barbecue, pizza, steak, tacos, and “adventurous eating” (think Chris Cosentino). Though they were only trying to celebrate manhood, some media watchdogs claimed that they were labeling foods by gender. What is it, the New York Times asked, that made all these foods manly, “when so many millions of women are fond of barbecue, pizza, steak, tacos, burgers, sandwiches and brew pubs”?

As a staff of women, we can tell you that the answer is, to be frank, quite simple. We may eat manly food, but it’s not because we’re eating food. We’re really eating our feelings. 

So when the Times wondered whether a womanly magazine would front their own contest celebrating culinary womanliness, we at the Braiser put our ovaries together and came up with our own list of the nine womanliest restaurants in America, celebrating the yummy things that make up womanhood: marriage, friendship, shopping, and expressing our emotions. Have a night out at these restaurants with your gastronomic gal pals — as long as you’re not being visited by Auntie Flo! Are we right, ladies?

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