World’s Best Critics To Select World’s Best Restaurants For New Site

If you had a barrel full of food critics and you had to select a bunch to curate a list of the world’s best restaurants, it would probably look like the one recently assembled by Glam Media for their food vertical, Appropriately enough, that group includes the woman who came up with the controversial (and sexually uncomfortable) word: Gael Greene.

Glam Media chairman and CEO Samir Arora said in a statement that they assembled this team to address the “fundamentally broken” model of food criticism and restaurant recommendation. “The rise of un-curated online user reviews against the old traditional restaurant guides of anonymous critics has resulted in a loss in the value of professional food critics,” Arora stated, “especially in a social digital world of sophisticated foodies.”

Along with Greene, the critic roster is an internationally renowned group. Thanks to The Daily Meal, the list is as below –do you agree with the selection, or even their proposed system?

  • Charles Champion (United Kingdom)
  •  Gael Greene (USA)
  • Aun Ko (China)
  • Kundo Koyama (Japan)
  • Alexander Lobrano (France)
  • Sam Ohta (Japan)
  • Ruth Reichl (USA)
  • Vir Sanghvi (India)
  • Bruno Verjus (France)
  • Patricia Wells (France)
  • Masuhiro Yamamoto (Japan)

[via The Daily Meal]

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