WATCH: How Many Grease Fires Can Worst Cooks In America Start In One Challenge?

Answer: all of the grease fires. On last night’s Worst Cooks in America, Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay attempted to teach their recruits the noble art of burger making. While both mentors clearly underscored the importance of only using a little bit of oil on your griddle, the Food Network set nearly went up in flames anyway.

But okay, let’s not get too judgey. This is probably the first time any of these people have ever seen a grill pan. What’s impressive here isn’t the sheer number of grease fires set, but the methods by which the contestants tried to extinguish said fires. Turning off the burner? Not the first thought that crossed their minds. Trying to put out the fire by pouring more oil on it? That seems like it could work.

Check out the clip below, and watch your eyebrows.

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