WATCH: Anne Burrell Gets Hoisted By A Competitive Weight Lifter

We’re going to be honest with you: it would be cruel of us to show you clips of the food from last night’s Worst Cooks in America this early on a Monday morning. We want your breakfasts to stay in your tummies, and showing you the godawful culinary creations of America’s most farcical kitchen ineptitude would directly conflict with that goal.

We think Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay ultimately declared some jerk’s Peanut M&M “mole marinara spaghetti” the worst dish, but, honestly, we were hiding our faces during the whole first tasting. It was traumatic. Luckily, Anne and Bobby can opt not to taste something that looks truly horrifying; the Food Network gods are benevolent.

Instead, check out this hilarious 30-second clip of an adorably large competitive weight lifter named Big Mike hoisting Anne Burrell. He’s sweet, he lives with his mom, he handles ripping his pants during the press with aplomb, and he makes conceptually non-horrendous (in spite of its execution) Chicken Alfredo. Big Mike is good people.

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