Want to Write for The Braiser?

Think you know it all about the best chefs in your city? The best restaurants? Chef social media meltdowns? The next Cronut? Now’s your chance to write for a James Beard-nominated publication (not to brag, or anything).

The ideal contributor must know their Blais from their Bourdain and are passionate about the culture surrounding food. We are looking for strong, funny and intelligent writers who are as excited by the idea of working in a fast-paced, new media environment as they are by the James Beard Awards and whatever Top Chef spinoff is about to air on Bravo.

We’re looking for what’s fresh, what’s new, and what’s different. So show us what you’ve got — email info [at] thebraiser [dot] com with your best story ideas, your bios, and the best meal you’ve ever had. (Or better yet, your favorite celebrity chef you follow on Twitter.) We’re looking for both regular contributors with short, newsy blog posts, feature stories, and lists.

Have your own personal blog that you want to share with the world? The Braiser can republish your work to a large audience; email info [at] thebraiser [dot] com so we can talk.

Got a juicy scoop of a story? Email us at tips [at] thebraiser [dot] com — we’re dying to know.

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