WTF is This Taco Bell ‘Breakfast Phone?’ A Twitter Summary


When we noticed some very bizarre Tweets floating around the Twitterverse this weekend, we were like, yes: a “breakfast phone” is exactly what we need. A phone that calls in our much needed bacon, egg, n’ cheese (on a roll! always on a roll!) and large cup of coffee whenever it’s needed. And then we realized that it was a Taco Bell stunt and we were like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

But for real, WTF IS THIS THING. Consumerist has the scoop, that the chain basically sent 1,000 free “breakfast phones” — actual cell phones — to “fast-food influencers” to go on “secret breakfast missions.” TACO BELL, THOSE THINGS ARE NOT THINGS. And then it became a social media contest for weird Taco Bell fanatics to win one, because who wouldn’t want a phone from 2004 to get a Taco Bell breakfast?

Still, we got a kick out of reading Tweets from those who actually received a phone, and those dying to get one. We’ll stick with our Seamless app, thanks.





(Editor’s note: ANYTHING?!!? Save that promise for something WORTH IT.)


And those lucky bastards even got waffle taco PJ’s.



(Editor’s note: We’re crying of laughter.)

Not that the Breakfast Phone wasn’t without some problems.





In conclusion, breakfast phones are a thing and we are worried for the future of our generation.


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