WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Fails at Making Wylie Dufresne’s Shrimp Ramen

Ask Jimmy Fallon to help make ramen and you end up with giant zits.

Perhaps Wylie Dufresne should have known better, or perhaps he didn’t care (he appeared last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, a sign in the food industry that you’ve Made It, after all), but as soon as Fallon turned a perfectly-innocuous noodle extruder into a “giant zit,” we were all “BLEEEEURGH”.

Picture in your mind some beautiful ramen: a steaming bowl of tonkotsu broth, a tangled pile of hand-pulled noodles that snap at the slightest tug, shreds of nori wilting from the heat. Slices of naruto with hypnotic pink swirls. Fatty pork. Crunchy, sharp scallions. Bliss.

Now picture Jimmy Fallon with a giant zit on his forehead.

Watch beauty be destroyed below for the LOLs.

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