Yahoo Food Gets Girl-Power on Us, Names Cherry Bombe’s Kerry Diamond as EIC

If this means Ruth Reichl and other lady chefs will grace our computer screens a bit more, we are so in.

Kerry Diamond, of the wildly successful Cherry Bombe food magazine, has been named the new editor-in-chief of Yahoo Food, according to a blog post by Yahoo. And everyone recognizes that she might be the world’s prettiest, nicest lady food editor:

Kerry has been called “Brooklyn’s chicest restaurateur/editor” and has a career that spans not only food but beauty and fashion. Kerry has spoken at the TasteTalks Brooklyn Conference and the Women, Inspiration and Empowerment Symposium and has been featured in Vogue, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Marie Claire, Wall Street Journal, and other publications.

It’s pretty clear that Diamond will stay on as the editorial director of Cherry Bombe, as the publication’s Twitter might indicate.

Let’s imagine all the fun content we may be seeing from a Diamond-run Yahoo Food … oh the possibilities.

[Yahoo Tumblr]

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