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WATCH: A Dramatic Reading Of A One-Star Yelp! Review

Yelp! reviews have quickly become a major force in the culinary industry, and many chefs and restaurants have been fighting back against negative comments. One thing is for sure: Yelp-ers are not known for bring particularly eloquent — or even grammatically correct. So, what does an enterprising funny person do with a database full of hilarious user-submitted reviews? You hire an actor to do a dramatic reading of them.

The first video in a series entitled Real Actors Read Yelp! Reviews features Chris Kipiniak reading and emoting a one-star review of the Stratford Diner in Stratford, NJ. The reviewer, who enjoyed her food, took issue with the manager’s attitude, and gave that as her reason for no longer wanting to eat there. After all, she says, “if the manager is not nice then what does that say about the business they are running and the people in it.”

Kipiniak deserves a lot of credit for turning a giant run-on sentence into a performance full of emotion and depth. Most actors would simply recite the words, emphasizing the lack of punctuation by allowing the words to to run together in an attempt a humor. But Kipiniak knows to focus on the reviewer’s experience, and his reading touches and delights the audience. We’d call it scrumtrulescent. Bravo.

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